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Derrick W. Davis


My objective is to be part of an open minded and creative atmosphere, one that will give me the opportunity to contribute my skills, and further explore the technological possibilities and challenges of an ever-changing environment.
My history spans both technical and creative environments. I have vast experience in conventional print & screen printing, digital media development, IT support & services, and an array of programming languages.

Work History

- Botanic Choice (Indiana Botanic Garden) Current - Hobart, IN


As part of the eCommerce team, I am responsible for creating and updating code to adapt to the changing requirements of the online store. This includes scoping of timelines, planning deployment schedules, and providing quality assurance tests. When I am not working on the eCommerce development, I contribute to the user experience design and development. This includes creating wireframes, mock-ups, graphics and developing functional content and interfaces for real-world use.
- Text Logistics ( 06 2017 – 04/2018


Text Logistics is a text marketing website ( for small to medium businesses. As sole the developer and designer for this project, I was responsible for the conception, design and programming from beginning to end.
- Sizmek (formerly MediaMind) 2/2013 – 6/2017 - Chicago, IL

Sr. Creative Solutions Engineer

My role as a Sr. CSE was to train and support the creative agencies within the Sizmek platform. Training sessions would be hosted either in person or through desktop sharing applications such as GoToMeeting or GlobalMeet. My responsibilities also included being a major part of the technical and creative development process along with proper API implementation for metrics and reporting on major national brands. I was responsible for making sure that the marketing campaigns not only met the specifications, but launched on time. In addition, I was tasked with producing training videos for both external clients as well as internal training.
- PointRoll (acquired by MediaMind, now Sizmek) 5/2008 – 1/2013 - Chicago, IL

Sr. Technical Designer

PointRoll is a digital marketing and media design solutions provider. My role as Sr. Technical Designer included executing the creation of dynamic ads for various clients such as Ford, Lincoln, BMW, Hyundai, Chrysler, Volkswagen, Cadillac, Kellogg’s, Sears, Purina and more. Some major accomplishments include the development of a regional offer system to dynamically serve relevant and local vehicle offers for the end users location. I was also responsible for providing support to the designers on the Chicago team as well as other regions when they encounted complex dynamic tasks.
- Fort Dearborn Life/Blue Cross Blue Shield (contract/temporary duration) 1/2008 – 5/2008 - Downers Grove, IL

Contract Media Designer

Fort Dearborn is life insurance company and a subsidiary of Blue Cross Blue Shield. I was currently there on an ongoing contract basis. My tasks included the development of Flash pieces which showcased the new features and services for its clients. Projects varied from interactive demos to clickable walk-through applications. I was also responsible for creating graphic elements to integrate with the existing design and structure.
- Sandstorm Design (contract/temporary duration) 12/2007 – 1/2008 - Chicago, IL

Contract Designer

Sandstorm is a small but high energy creative agency that provides design services with a focus on usability and user research. My responsibilities revolved around the development of interactive Flash elements for client websites.
- Terrapin Properties (filed for bankruptcy in 2008) 5/2006 – 11/2007 - Chicago, IL

IT Manager

Terrapin Properties was a privately held property development company located in Chicago. The founders of Terrapin made the decision to invest heavily into technology to gain a competitive edge in the industry. I was given the task of creating and maintaining a new design for the Terrapin website. It was my responsibility to create the overall design, the graphic elements and interactive media. Everything on the website was created to custom fit the site and to maximize interaction and usability. This included the development of the XML driven Flash media player [Terrapin TV], encoding the DVD’s for online streaming, and programming a custom content management system. I was also responsible for maintaining the local network, servers, and computers. Summary of duties:
· Manage and maintain all technology at all locations
· Develop creative materials for email advertisements and flyers
· Design and maintain the Terrapin Properties website
o Implement data driven content for quick updates
o Create a dynamic data driven Flash elements
o Integrate property maps with the Google Maps API
· Develop creative media (animated Flash banners) for online advertising with
· Develop an online sales portal to manage prospects and buyers for all properties
o Design custom queries for detailed reports
o Build admin forms to track and review the complete history of all contact with prospects
o Query activity for all sales associates
o One click sales contract generation with export to MS Word
- Rasmussen College 2/2004 – 5/2006 - Burr Ridge, IL

Designer/Developer/Technical Lead

When Rasmussen College made the decision to offer online courses, they were challenged with designing and deploying the curriculum in a timely and accurate manor. This was accomplished with development of custom applications to facilitate the creation and conversion of the subject matter. Along with these tasks, I was required to create custom and interactive media to be used within the course. This was done with either static or dynamic media as required on a need be basis.

Summary of duties:
· Create online course content for ANGEL and Blackboard platforms
· Design custom graphics
· Implement updates and corrections to existing courses
· Develop custom interactive learning tools with Macromedia Flash
· Develop custom online automation plugins with existing APIs
· Design custom desktop applications to automate course settings
- Novi Interactive 6/2002 – 2/2004 - LaGrange, IL

Project manager/Designer/Developer

Novi Interactive was a personal venture which provided website design, custom application development, e-Commerce integration, graphic design, identity and branding development, content management, website hosting and print management. I was responsible for designing and managing print concepts from single to full color for new and existing companies along with creative Internet development, and web server maintenance. In addition, I would interview and manage clients to gather requirements throughout the lifespan of the projects.

Summary of duties:
· Direct the creative influence on projects
· Design and develop a custom online on-the-fly website creation application complete with online content manager
· Maintain co-located web and email servers
· Integrate and manage the online merchant account for e-commerce
- Spherion Technology Architects (department closed in 2002) 3/2001 - 6/2002 - Oak Brook, IL

Designer/Developer/Project lead

Spherion Technology Architects provided Internet solutions for Fortune 500 and 1000 companies. My responsibilities included developing web based applications, e Learning tools, graphic design concepts, Flash presentations and website design. I often assisted account reps in client meetings and discovery sessions to provide technical advice. I was appointed a lead role in various projects including the online Spherion Online Sales Certification Resource (OSCaR) used to evaluate the skills of thousands of their employees around the country.

Summary of duties:
· Complete various assignments at client sites
· Develop the Spherion Online Sales Certification Resource application
· Assist co-workers in the field with resolving client issues
- Qwest Internet Solutions 3/2000 - 12/2000 - Chicago, IL

Media Designer

The Chicago division of Qwest Internet Solutions was a newly formed extension of their Philadelphia location. My responsibilities as a media designer included developing web based applications, graphic design and website design. I worked with the creative director and design team to create and expand current branding efforts.

Summary of duties:
· Develop custom creative elements for various client projects
· Work with design team on data driven web applications
- Interactive Broadcasting Network 3/1998 - 02/2000 - Brookfield, IL

Senior Designer/Project Manager/IT Director

The Interactive Broadcasting Network was the parent company of CyberRadio2000. Since day one of its conception, I was responsible for building and maintaining the computers within the office as well as the servers for hosting the audio. The website design and maintenance, which was the primary delivery method for the Internet-based show, was also my complete responsibility.

Summary of duties:
· Design and maintain the website
· Manage encoding and streaming media servers
· Maintain the internal network and workstations
- After World Advertising & Design 3/1995 - 02/1998 - Park Forest/Brookfield, IL

Senior Designer/Project Manager

After World Advertising & Design provided various media design and print services. I was responsible for creative direction and project management. I directed project scopes and staff members to insure deadlines and budgets were met. I was in charge of developing and executing marketing campaigns for business development and overseeing pre-press design from single to full color work. In addition, I was responsible for network and computer maintenance. After World partnered with and together created an Internet radio station, eventually attracting over 3 million unique visitors per month.

Summary of duties:
· Design creative elements for print and internet media
· Manage the production for in-house and outsourced print projects
· Work with clients during the discovery process


Thornridge - High School Diploma
South Suburban College - Associates Degree
Rasmussen College - Various design related online courses


Microsoft Internet Information Server (Brainbench certified)
Adobe Photoshop (Brainbench certified)
Computer Fundamentals (Brainbench certified)
Macromedia Dreamweaver (Brainbench certified)
Microsoft FrontPage (Brainbench certified)
CorelDraw (Brainbench certified)
MSCE (in progress)

Software/Programming Knowledge

ASP (Active Server Pages)
Visual Basic

Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Dreamweaver
Adobe FlashBuilder
Adobe Flash
Adobe Photoshop
FL Studio
Microsoft Access
Microsoft Excel
Microsoft Powerpoint
Microsoft Word
Adobe Audition
Window Media Server

Network/Server Knowledge

Cisco Catalyst Switches
Cisco Unity
Cisco Call Manager
Cisco Routers
Cisco IP Phones
Cisco PIX Firewalls
Microsoft SQL 2000
Blackberry Enterprise Server
Microsoft IIS
SharePoint Server
Citrix Presentation Server
Microsoft Active Directory
Microsoft Exchange