My work history and experience spans online marketing & web development, graphic & print design, and miscellaneous personal projects (gotta keep busy!). Browse through a few of the projects I have been part of.

DISCLAIMER: Due to permissions and privacy, the projects listed below may not encompass my complete work history.

Web Development & Online Advertising

Mercy Home Heroes Ads

Mercy Home Ads

NIU Video Ads


Opti Gold Landing Page

ACV Landing Page Mockup

Botanic Choice Facelift

Botanic Choice Prod Page UI

Text Logistics Website & Tools

Text Logistics Social Marketing

Skilsaw (83 various ads)

Mazda CX-5 Ad

Samsung Gear Ad

Lexus GS Ad

Puma Expandable Ad

Hyundai Flip Ad

Nissan Juke Ad

Sit-N-Bull Email Marketing

Sit-N-Bull Email Marketing [2]

Text Logistics Email Marketing

Sophia's Cafe Email Marketing

Sophia's Cafe Email Marketing [2]

Sophia's Cafe Website

Zengers Supply Website

110 Years of Harley Davidson Ad

Trader Joe's Location Search Ad

Ford Regional DCO Ad

BMO Responsive Scavenger Hunt Ad

McDonalds Hot N Spicy Ad

Bank of America Ad

Porsche Ad

Hyundai Polite DCO Ad

Intel Ad

SOG Knives Ad

Express Ad

Eric Kipp Custom Clothiers

Annie Modica Housewares

Sizmek VPAID Training

Sizmek Expandable Training






















Graphic & Print

Ozinga CNG Fueling

Sit-n-Bull Text Marketing

Demito Time Logo

DigPlex Logo

Scratch & Score Logo

Survey Author Logo

Text Logstics Infographic 1

Text Logstics Infographic 2

Text Logistics Logo

Text Logistics Postcard

Text Logistics Business Card

Save the Date Invite

Sunrise Trucking Logo

Nue Vista Logo

Trouble Free PC Logo

Playmakers Logo

CSN Logo

VooDoo KiTTy Band Logo

Polk Auto Logo












Miscellaneous Personal Projects

Wood & Vinyl Plaque

Beecher Ladycats Hoodie

Hog Rock T-Shirt

Hog Rock T-Shirt

Live Edge Wood Sign

Harley-Davidson Plaque

Kids Toy Room Tables

My Brick Patio

DIY Touch Table